Rurouni Kenshin

(Artist: Shinji Yamaguchi)

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No one draws eyes like Shinji Yamaguchi, but the adult content is the main attraction. Quite explicit, but with fun storylines and beautiful cover art. Scans of some Ruroken doujinshi can be found scattered around the web.

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This list of KxK doujinshi should be comprehensive (the Violently Happy series is covered in the Anthology section). If you know of an RK Yamaguchirow release I've missed, please let me know! Assistance in filling in any blanks is also welcome.

Date Cover Title Size Pages Rating Notes
Jan 95 Kunshaku B5 ~22 Explicit  
Mar 95 Uraken B5 36 Explicit [Sample]
Oct 95 Hikei A4 ~38 Explicit  
Dec 95 Sousou B5 ~30 Explicit Kenshin x Kaoru, Sano x Tae, Aoshi x Misao.
1996 Gedou       Very rare, limited release copy book.
Aug 96 Battou B5 76+
4 color
Explicit A conversation with Sano brings out some insecurities in Karou; she regains her confidence through a romantic encounter with Kenshin. A sweet & sexy story from Shinji-sensei.
Dec 96 Kamiya B5 32 Explicit Kaoru has an interesting dream about Kenshin and Sanosuke. Kenshin helps her deal with it. Pencil-sketch artwork.
May 97 Himura B5 32 Explicit Shibari. Oh my.
Aug 97 Meiji Chanbara Porno B5 40+
1 color
Explicit Kenshin and Kaoru make a little noise, waking Yahiko. Yumi x Kamitari omake. One-page colour portrait of Misao.
Dec 97 Jinchuu B5 44 Explicit Kenshin and Kaoru are interrupted by Sano, but Kenshin manages to get rid of him.
May 98 Sorewa, itsuko, kitto... B5 38 Normal Sweet KxK romance doujinshi by SHAM (Shinji Yamaguchi).
Jun 98 Souzaiya Fifth Shop B5 16
full color
Explicit Kenshin x Tomoe. Years later, Kenshin awakens Kaoru to a good morning. [Back Cover]
Aug 98 Shinsei B5 48 Explicit Kaoru gets tired of waiting for Kenshin to make the first move. Omake sketches of Kenshin in compromising positions with Misao, Megumi, Tomoe, Kaoru.
Dec 98 Scarred Over B5 42 Explicit Multiple KxK trysts, plus lovely sketches and a sexy fold-out poster.
Apr 99 Haran B5 ~12 Explicit Kenshin x Tomoe.
Aug 99 Setsuen B5 52 Explicit Young Kenshin's first time with Tomoe. Years later, a gentle intimate (not ecchi) moment with Kaoru.
Oct 99 Jadou B5 ~8 Explicit Very rare event-only copybook, limited to 30 copies.
Dec 99 Aitou XX B5 40 Explicit Kaoru speeds Kenshin's healing in Kyoto. Kaoru gets friendly with a katana in the opening pages, which gives chibi-Kenshin a nosebleed.
Aug 00 Kaorusyo B5 92+
6 color
Explicit Recounts the gradual development of the relationship between Kaoru and Kenshin, leading to a mild first-time encounter. Six-page colour interlude in the dojo suggests that she gets the hang of things pretty quickly.
Dec 00 Saikai B5 40+
1 color
Explicit Kenshin returns to the dojo, Kaoru welcomes him with a hot bath and, yeah.
May 01 Sakuragari B5 40 Explicit Sketch book with AU, modern-day settings.
Aug 01 Kyouken B5 40 Explicit Kenshin washes Kaoru's feet at the river, leading to other things.
Dec 01 Kyouken 2 B5 36 Explicit Kenshin misses Kaoru when she's away. He's more than happy to welcome her home.
Aug 02 Kyouken 3 B5 32 Explicit Kenshin gets caught in the rain, Kaoru awaits his return.
Dec 02 Kyouken 4 B5 36 Explicit Megumi gives the happy couple a little nudge with something for Kaoru's tea, but also makes sure that Kenshin is armed to deal with Kaoru's overwhelming response.^^
Aug 03 Kyouken 5 B5 36 Explicit Kenshin delivers some surprising news to Kaoru and Megumi, but Kaoru helps him deal with it.
Dec 03 Kyouken 5 ge
(Vol. 2)
B5 40 Explicit The Battousai saga continues. Kaoru gets her Kenshin back. [Sample 1] [Sample 2]
Aug 04 Kuusou Ken x Kaoru Gendai B5 32 Explicit A modern-day AU. Kenshin tries to distract Kaoru while she's on the phone.^^
Dec 04 Kyouken 6 B5 32 Explicit Returning to the Meiji era.^^
Aug 05 Kyouken 5 Bangai B5 32 Explicit More tales from the Meiji era.
Dec 05 Kyouken Urushi B5 32 Explicit Kenshin comes in soaking wet. Kaoru dries him off and warms him up.^^